I’ll shout just one time,

One time to talk about me.

The real me,

Don’t fear me,

This is the only time you’ll see.


I’m the boy cryin’ quiet in his pillow,

I’m the boy with the comic book heroes.

I’m that boy with the dreams in his eyes,

I’m the kid who would never let another soul die.


I’m that kid looking hopeful out the window,

I’m that kid who thought the world would hear him,

I’m that kid who needed to grow up,

And I’m that man who now knows it all sucks.


I’m that man all alone on the train.

I’m that man walking home in the rain.

I’m that man with no-reason smile,

I’m that man who dreamed as a child.


I’m that boy who could have been somethin’,

And I’m that kid who settled for nothin’,

And I’m that man who now knows it wasn’t right,

The one who’s a hero if he stands up in the right kind of light---


That boy who thought the sky was the limit,

And that kid who couldn’t see God in it---

Or man who knows what the sky was---

The one who knows the sky’s not the limit but the doors.




The one who knows that there’s something great,

The boy raising his voice for the first time today,

The kid no longer accepting that there’s nothing for me---

And that man finally being who he ought to be.




The boy who say a way to get praise and did it---

The kid who saw a sad life and a thousand ways to end it---

The man now sees the light and just needs time---

The one who understand that the bright light’s mine.


And now I---

Man, kid, child.

Will stand up---

And shout out loud.


This is the one time,

The words are for me.

This is the one time,

I’ll let the world see.

That I can rise,

And defeat means nothin’---

I’m not God’s son but damn sure I’ll be somethin---


---said I’m not God’s son,

But I’m damn sure somethin’,

I don’t need the divine on my side,

For you to feel me comin’.


Because the boy’s finally found his hero,

And the kid’s done runnin’,

Man’s ready to make noise,

And I’m the first one gunnin’.


Don’t get it---

That’s cool,

This one’s for me.


My moment of clarity,

Because now these eyes see.


That no man can live a life alive without action—

And can’t be paralyzed not knowing,

If I’m the cure or the cancer.


All I know is I’m---


Done crying in the pillow.

I’ve found my hero.

Standing in the mirror.


And I know that I---


Can claim everything outside the window beyond,

The hope has long gone,

It’s simply a fact now that the growing is done.


And I---


Don’t mind the noise of the train.

I like cold rains,

Stronger from the pain.


And now I understand at last,

The reason for the smile:


The one who had the answer all the while.

The one who understood what this life is about---

The one who understands now my reason to shout:


Knowing life’s just a closing door,

Hit it back on the way out.



A poem by [NAME DELETED] 2/23/09

TellerOfTales TellerOfTales
22-25, M
Feb 23, 2009