The heart beats pure.
With every pump it
pushes love throughout me.

I couldn't believe how active
it was, how amazing it
all felt.

Until one day the beating
seemed to stop, the love
had gone.

My heart was dead.
It seemed to decay.
I couldn't feel the warmth anymore.

Three words can free it.
Three words can break it.
A perfect heart


I changed.
My life, it seemed was not
my own.

I couldn't sleep.
Couldn't eat.
I felt as if I let go.

I bled. I scarred.
It never seemed to help.
No matter the sacrifice.

I lay here, shattered.
Alone. Wishing I could breathe again.
Wishing you would love me...

Wishing you knew.
I tried so hard to tell you.
You never listened.

And now I'm here.
A heaviness in my chest
with a cold black heart.

FizzX FizzX
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Lately it has been the story of my life. Nothing seems to be going right. The one person who I trusted would never hurt me in a million years ripped every bit of human out of me. The saddest thing is he doesn't even know he did it.

That sums up exactly how I feel!