It Started and Ended

The day we met; I couldn't believe it.

I closed my eyes and you gave me a surprise.

It was soft, sweet, and beautiful in everyway

I couldn't ask for anything better!

Today I sit at home being alone.

Thinking of you my number 1 boo!

I just want to cuddle close to you;

So you can give me that special surprise again

Our first kiss.

Even thou it was our last and it happened in the past.

I'll never forget you my #1 boo.

I'll look in the mirror

Not in terror for that special someone.

Just like you to come and be my #2 boo.

When that special someone comes

It will remind me of that special place,

And that special thing with that special you.

I hope where ever you are

You still love me too.

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Feb 24, 2009