Sorry 4 Waisting Your Time

For years deppression took its toll

incomplete and i didn't feel whole

suppressed by my body image

wanting to loose my pounds because i feel that all the skinny girls get all the attention

i envied them

i couldn't fit in a size 2-4-6-8

for that i didn't even like shopping

guys don't check me out and the ones that do are burn outs...whom i guess miss the last train and has to take anything home

i don't think im ugly but seems like everyone else thinks diffrent...or may be because of my weight that i can't get a date.....

or love.....or love

i  then learned that i don't care and someone will come and sweep me off my feet some day...

or maybe....thats every ugly girl's dream.

Honestly ...i don't see  any happier days and this is something i just have to deal with.

my inspiration left....i thought i was strong to write...about me loving my self and the truth is that

im not.


Jordanne Jordanne
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2009