I Warn U Its a Sad Poem**

...i wrote it few days ago(some have already read it)

No hand to hold

A tear fell upon a rose that held next to her heart the petals closed as she felt a sudden fear.

Never has she felt like that before among the confusion and no hand to hold.

Everything turn into ashes and some words will never change the petals of the rose fell.

She went to bed no safety,she felt afraid among the confusion and words that will never be heard.


/i ve already warn u its a sad poem/

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Like therapy but not by a dr. who participates sortof perfuntory to get u to see on your one..my way is like a good friend who will like u if you have become depressed. When I was depressed during graduate school I had very few people who would talk very much with me.. Those I found will it was an amazing relief to let some of the pain out....or ideas about my work and say going to a mvie to try and gorget problems even if for a litle while. Live your life!

.....there is something freeing mentally and physically about the approach I mentione above..physically achs and pains go away as one is in the moment forgeting tense muscles, stiff necks and back aches..as well as heart ache.<br />
<br />
Mentally is to fee normal nudewith a person and ot to have sex.. ( most may find the nudity thing perverted or unconventional in the way I approach it?) I think that our minds and bodies, hearts skin kidneys (lol) are all conected in all the ways you can think about. Being nude with a male if u r femal or any combination one on one....will be like therapy as in therapy you should have nothing to hide..so act it out like an actor in a play.

somehow getting out of the dark side is perhaps explore it carefully. A shrink could help//someone who u know or just met....just bring it up..u r already feeling down so what do u have to loose talking to a stranger at a cfe snack bar etc....<br />
<br />
I have been there and did it with the aid of a shrink in exchange for my art works for a long time.<br />
<br />
I also had desires that I could not do or achieve. One was to learn to sail; to sketch a female model in the woods, which I did by asking around art circles and models how may have known someone; I have explored an exhibitionist side and it makes me sad that I cannot do more of that..That is to be nude with my model or be nude with a few people I am comfortable with..or onlu one friend naked talking about that fear of dark things. I feel from yrs in psycotherapy that you take a la<x>yer at a time and deal with it..now I want to take off my clothes with a female especially. I am male and female oriented. To be naked and talk about those things and feel the heat rise out of my head and perhaps yours too.I am not talking about sex...only sharing ideas and conversations with someone else in the nude.<br />
<br />
With models it can happen but I am usally not nude..I am working but we do talk during the poses. Give it a try....or respond directly to me and we can understand this better together?

yeah all poems have feelings in

but its a poem with feeling.

glad u like it*

I'm fitting myself soo well in your poem....lol<br />
<br />
Very nicely written :)

thank u..*still i had to warn others to not have a problem again..

you extend you my hand to hold ... its a lovely poem, it is sad but it is still lovely and I know the feeling very well.