Nothing Seems to Matter

Nothing Seems To Matter   Two hearts together,loving and sharing,
Two hearts together,giving and caring,
Two hearts together,in laughter and tears,
Two hearts together,down through the years.
Without ever realizing it,
You tell me you love me, so many times a day
In so many different ways.
I hear it in your voice
When you say sweet things to me
For no special reason.
I see it in your eyes, when you look at me
Like there's no one in the world
You'd rather be with.
I feel it when we hold hands,
And in private moments
When nothing matters, but the two of us
Sharing our love for each other.
And every year we share,makes me look forward
To a whole new year of loving you.
Stephanie Lynn Delaney
LadyDove LadyDove
Feb 25, 2009