No Answer

No Answer   They say that the light of god surrounds me
They say that the love of god enfolds me
They say the power of god protects me
And they say wherever I am god is
But the problem with this is feeling him
The path in life I choose haunts me
I wake in the night and sleep in the light
Afraid I am of what I may face or see
This is something I don't want anymore
To be in fear of my fears as I want to sore
Who will love me for me
Who will protect me from you
You may not see what I try to preach
But hate is taught
Love is to teach
But is it god I go beneath and stand
Or should I trust you again to take my hand
There is no answer to my question
The tunnel of light that is talked so often
Perhaps that is where I find my protection

LadyDove LadyDove
Feb 25, 2009