Do not move, I tell my brother as he looks upon me with a
familiarity only observed by family. He shakes the room
vibrating with energy, my voice is in fours and each one in
unison. I rock the atmosphere with my presence, an unnecessary
and juvenile show of strength. Bubbling with unease I sit my
brother back and slowly sing in notes heard as rushing water
and seen as beauteous and lustrous. Do not move, I tell my
brother as he looks at me in amazement. Is this the one who
brings the truth, he thinks to himself. I am the creation of
Truth. Its in my bloodline, and my name. I, in quartet the
same, howl in six notes, destroying that which has assaulted
and rocked the body of He, my blood. I prepare myself in
nervousness for the route ahead, yet eager. Why do you do
this, a voice asks me. I will not fail, I reply.
KaiViolet KaiViolet
22-25, M
Aug 15, 2014