There's beauty in the way you shatter
The way that smile withers to rust
Bones laid crumble to dust
And the chalice that spilled the wine
Stains your pale face
That body a sacrilege
A cornucopia of love resplendent with the scent of lust, your perfume
Drives me to exhume your nubile desires, those naked fires
Which I taste in passionate lip services
Those bites and burns
How lovely
Not a ***** by the store
Those words they gore
How sexual you are to me
How special you will always be
You my Princess( or my Prince)
My embrace for a sensual tide, my last ride to Hell
Heaven's glorious sunburst of a kiss
The love of my eyes, but--
Where are you in my dreams
When you roll in the sheets of those men, those worthless men
My jewel, my adoring crown
Come back, don't jest as I court you
anomalia27 anomalia27
Aug 15, 2014