The grieving faces looking glum
The beating of a funeral drum
The softly singing chapel choir
The waiting crematory fire
The silent box of polished wood
The wracking sobs of widowhood
The tears behind a veil of lace
The casket lid goes into place
The organ plays a mournful tune
For life that ended much too soon

But in the coffin filled with dread
Is someone who is not yet dead
He’s paralysed and cannot scream
He prays that it is just a dream
That there will be no immolation
Burned to death while in cremation
The perspiration starts to pour
When jets of flame begin to roar
His mind is whirling in a spin
The heat is peeling off his skin…
SelangorNight SelangorNight
66-70, M
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this is amazing,,,but like whats the symbolism behind this?

Thanks very much. There is no symbolism, it is just a poem about an unfortunate guy who was thought to be deceased

is it a true story?

I sincerely hope not lol
Here is a different version

The little church beneath the trees
The soft and gentle autumn breeze
The congregation looking glum
The beating of a funeral drum

The eyes behind a veil of lace
The anguish etched upon her face
The silent box of varnished wood
The wracking sobs of widowhood

The flashback to that awful day
The hand of fate stole him away
The numbing shock of sudden death
The drawing of his final breath

The eulogy read by his friend
The life that was too young to end
The altar candles gleaming flame
The widow whispering his name

The never ending love he gave
The slow walk to the open grave
The scattered leaves of golden brown
The autumn sun that’s sinking down

The casket lowered in the ground
The sad lament of those around
The distant cuckoo’s plaintive cry
The storm clouds gathered in the sky

The twilight fading into gloom
The unborn child within her womb
The dirty tricks that life can play
The widow turns and walks away

thats amazing, get ur stuff published!

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