Simply a Misfit

Life is a little tough for me sometimes, here goes my poem:

trapped in the consequences of my cause and effect and left with tht all too familiar feeling of regret. i strive everyday to be tht one person you wanna role model, but i still find myself attracted to the sharp pieces of glass from a broken bottle. the characteristics of my half filled soul, is so complicated tht i cant even begin to remember the story it told. i used to constantly punish myself by painting a river in the color blood red while i lay alone at nights staring out at the stars in my twin-sized bed. i already faced death and i already faced pain, so whts left to learn between the beats of my self-made rain. then again, why go over and over on conquered emotions and tradgies to make a self-assist kit, when i can just simply be explained as a hidden in the background misfit.

bananarama22 bananarama22
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2009