Pain Will Endure

pain will endure
through eternity and back, its always pain
other things, come and go
only pain is forever

death happens, now and then
and tax is said to be a given
but only pain will endure as a constant through life

never faltering, never failing
always there, so reliable

pain will endure
through all the ups and downs
whether u learn to liv with it
or decide to battle it..
it will endure
its always there, through misery and
happiness, if such a thing exists

dont try and outrun it
it will be there,
u cannot hide from it
it will be there,
and dont bother fighting it, for
pain will endure

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

C'mon ~ <br />
That's nice > < ~<br />
The idea is what I like !<br />
Dont complain to the poem you write !<br />
hehe ~

So sad but So nice :)