The Beast Within

Contemplating murder,
And what it means to me.
The fact it burns inside,
Our dark reality.
Man tries his best to lie,
To all and to himself
The want to make them die,
And hides it on a shelf.

The beast within us all,
That feeds upon our hate.
Thanatos is called,
To storm the “Pearly Gates”.
With Loki by our side,
To stray us from our paths,
How is it man denies,
The Darkness of their hearts?

Some justify this beast,
By fighting for the law,
That King and God decrees,
The Beast then fed by war.
One doubts they even know,
They feed their hate within.
The beast that works to slow,
Acknowledgement of sin.

The Beast that chews our hearts,
That wears our very skin,
Is no Daemon from the dark,
Nor no Stately High Lord King.
The Beast is simply that,
The Animal called man.
The darkness of the fact,
Man kills because he can.
Lemartes Lemartes
31-35, M
Aug 16, 2014