No matter how far we run,
The past is always there.
Waiting, preparing, sleeping.
A slip of concentration,
And dormant memories
Break the surface of the mind,
Like Kraken in the darkest ocean.
Destroying the walls we erect,
To protect ourselves, hide ourselves.
Casting them aside, with never a care,
Tearing them down, without breaking a sweat.
Emotions once felt, now confined,
Are unlocked to us again.
Showing us once more,
The reasons for which they are shunned.
For even the happiest of memories,
Can leave one on the verge of tears.
Recalling love once owned, treasured,
Now tarnished by betrayal or loss.
Lemartes Lemartes
31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

cbt is what you need . like a hamster in its wheel you can go round and round until exhausted. negative feelings give negative thoughts and negative thoughts give negative feelings. we need to break the cycle

I can relate. POWERFUL