What Would Be Your Response If You Received This Poem For Valentines

The following I wrote. The response was that it was very physical!! I would like your opinion!


My very special valentine

What I see when I look at my valentine

I see a girl a woman a friend and a lover

Someone I could look at for ever

Like the morning sun rising over deep blue sea

The sparkle in her eyes glistens

Like rays of multi colored light in a rainbow

Her face and lips soft like a cool breeze on a hot summers day

Her neck long and slender

Her shoulders inviting as her breasts ripple in her blouse

Like the waves meet the shore

Her flat femine tummy which gently rises and falls like the tides

Her velvet soft and mystical like the depths of the ocean

Her thighs slender and bottom gently curved

Brings to mind oceans great soaring birds

Her back like wind swept sands which go on for ever

Her hair soft and silky like the moon light kissing the water

This is what I see in her

My beloved Valentine

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I write as well, and this was beautiful, you have a talent, keep shining it through!