The Reason For My Journey

i walk through the shadows so dark
alone, independent, free
in my head remains the mark
of all the things you've done to me

i think of the hours we spent together
my arms around you, your hand in mine
we knew that it wouldn't last for ever
and we separated when we crossed the last line

the lack of light in my heart
was caused by you my dear
but we both played our part
in this game of pain and fear

i know that i made mistakes
i know that i was a fool
we gambled with high stakes
we never obeyed to a rule

once we walked hand in hand
under the sun through the meadows
under the moon through the sand
but you left me alone in the shadows

what the future brings i will see
for sure there will be light again
another soft hand reaching out for me
and another exciting game will begin

Hacki Hacki
22-25, M
Feb 28, 2009