I sit atop these heights
Pan around, see the sights
My thoughts would drag me down
But not below the lights

We never questioned why
The best deserve to die
No one can stop their soul
Collisions with the sky

Our hearts are on fire today
The leaves falling into the flame
Smoke rising into their distant face
Inevitable, they came into our place

Stand in the mirrors
Of ones no longer
The love of our friends
Become stronger than ever

Holding the hand of peace's past
But it still has its future to go
Signify all of our lives to be over
When we're through telling them,
What they need to know

Even thereafter will come a day
The ones with the grudges fall away
Raised not by shadows, by the flame
Our love will remain when we're through,
Saying just what we need to say
SylvieKitty1015 SylvieKitty1015
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

very nice soulful

much maturity in this writing. Love compassion and care in evidence. you have soul and much quality and sensitivity

Why thank you~

I certainly do my best to keep my mind in a good place to write. I remember like yesterday when I was 12 and wrote nothing but "My soul is black; I should just be hanged" kind of stuff >.>

Hearing this makes me feel much better about myself =^w^=

well i won a poetry competition when i was 11yrs old and prize money was equal to 2 months salary for my dad. I had to write a spiritual poem and a short profound statement about equality. I wrote don't look down on the grave digger, for one day he may look down on you

Wow. That is a powerful statement...

if you are feeling low remember this = yesterday is history ,tomorrow a mystery ,all we have is today and today is a gift and that's why we call it the present

I remember hearing this from the movie "Kung Fu Panda" when it first came out in 2008~<3 A great quote to live by indeed

its an amazing fact that sites like EP can sometimes touch people in a special way and change lives for the better. Never stop writing whether its for therapeutic reasons or for pleasure. Its a talent you have so use why waste it ?

hope you are still writing sharing feelings hope love and blessings for better things to come

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