The biggest night of senior year,

I cant believe it was already here.

The one night everyone talks about for generations,

At first I had great anticipation.

What's so great about prom anyway?

Its just another night to let loose and get away.

A thousand dollar dress you'll only wear once,

A competition over a plastic crown everyone wants.

Only the popular kids get nominated,

Of which most of them were secretly hated.

The day of prom came and went,

Where did the day go? I'm so glad I went.

A crappy waste of a night, I'm afraid not,

At Least not for me, that night was hot!

The memories of prom were none that could ever be bought,

True feelings of love ran through my thoughts.

I felt beautiful, a feeling of which my bullies couldn't even taunt,

My date was surely handsome or so I thought.

Christopher was more than a date for prom,

My bestfriend, my soulmate.

That night at dinner he did the unthinkable,

He asked for my hand in marriage! It was so incredible.

The man I secretly pictured a future with,

Now has asked me to start a life with.

What did you say you may be asking?

“Oh no this can't be happening!”

Before you start off on your mind blowing journey,

Let me explain what this man has done for me.

When I first met him five years ago I was a mess,

A promiscuous druggie I must confess.

Not just that I can confess to,

I was a harm to not just me but you.

Manipulative and sneaky,

How deceiving I was was just plain creepy.

I bullshitted people all the time,

Until I met him and couldn't, not even at the drop of a dime!

He worked his magic immediately,

The only one who took the time to know the real me.

Not the promiscuous self destructive girl I became,

But the true me; that was his aim.

He aimed high, high above those of my past,

Most of which came and just laughed.

Laughed at the level of chaos and insanity,

I was known as miss profanity,

Miss profanity was an ulterior motive,

An ulterior motive that was quite negative.

Since I was a little girl, all I wanted was one thing,

To be loved unconditionally or for something.

So many times I settled for less,

I put on my badgirl exterior to hide my distress.

Distress from a man that had the power to turn nightmares real,

Looking back I dont even know how I dealled.

I had no self respect,

A shot confidence I must confess.

On April 7th, he saved my life,

An attempt to die on an overdose that I hoped would end my life.

That day still isn't clear to me,

My life is so fragile and has been since I was three.

Although my past is unfortunate,

He has provided me with a definate.

A definite home with a permanent stay,

I could definitely say id never have the need to run away.

Now senior year has come to an end,

Now its time to attend college to the end.

The end is the day that I earn my degrees in Business Management,

Business Management with an emphasis of Child Development.

I have big dreams to be a nonprofit entrepreneur,

Those visions for me are so clear.

No only are my visions clear, so are my motives to be a better mother,

A better mother to a precious child, a precious child of which I bear.

So many people look at me with doubt,

Shes just another statistic without a doubt.

Although no matter what happens I will always be able to say,
My life is in my hands at the end of the day.
Gonzales96 Gonzales96
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014