Man Stands Above

One day I hope to find,
That which I've lost before.
One day it will be mine,
This feeling I adore.
For no man can claim complete
If his life he lives alone.
And no man should claim defeat,
'Till his name is carved in stone.

But to claim this feeling lost,
I must learn some inner pride.
For this prize comes with a cost,
Which a man must find inside.
One must learn to love oneself,
Without vanity in life,
For once a man can love himself,
He'll no longer need the knife.

So my journey has begun
To find what I desire,
To walk beneath the sun,
To fill my heart with fire.
A fire that burns with life,
That can make a man feel whole,
I will no longer need my knife,
Once I have found my kindred soul.

Though I know it will take time,
To be happy in myself,
And I know that I must climb,
To reach the highest shelf.
But a journey to feel love,
Is a sojourn of great worth,
For it stands mankind above,
All the creatures of the earth.
Lemartes Lemartes
31-35, M
Aug 17, 2014