Turn the Page

you snap i feel your teeth dig in

you scream i feel the glass shatter

you shake i feel the walls cave in

i ask you if i matter

you tremble and the earth shakes

you bleed i wear the scars

you fall i feel the mountains quake

I ask why you've come this far

you cry and I'm taken by the waves

you hurt and i feel torn

you retreat I'm abandoned in this cave

i ask if your love is shorn

you stand and I feel you tower

you hold me and my heart soars

you kiss me and I'm embraced by your power

Your love is fed straight to my core

that touch you give steals my breath

your smile makes me walk on air

you motivate my every step

with you i see no need to care

your laughter takes away my fear

your words can stop or beat my heart

i know that you are always here

we're still entwined though far apart

so I'm giving you this frozen soul

its your to do with what you will

i know the years may take their toll

but with us its like time just stands still

you've shattered ice that's never melted

you've broke the mask that's never been scratched

for me this worlds not only tilted

but set off by a single match

you've done more then remove the storms

you've taken all confusion

you've taken my angst and reasons to mourn

and frost-bitten, bitter illusions

you've changed so much in so little time

I'm no longer held in by this cage

now i know i am free to fly

and i may finally turn the page

HanaNoMizu HanaNoMizu
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

yay! lol me too ;p i was impressed with myself as concieted as that sounds

wow! I love it!