The Other Side...

The other side

Things arent what they seem

to the other side

where angels cry and

children want to hide.


Noone cant touch their dreams

in places they escape&feel safe

children want to hide away from dark

and sleep while the angels hugs them

but things arent what they seem

and others pretend they dont see.


Children dream,in fairytales believe

where rainbows exist but

things arent what they seem

the angels cry when children want to hide

and the sun dont shine.


A girl cries in her bed

the angels sing softly

till she fell asleep and

in the safety of her world will be...

annasangels annasangels
18-21, F
13 Responses Mar 1, 2009

thats really nice.

heh thank u,many hugs*

Blessed is the story teller ..............

thanxs..i know everyone has angels around and i m glad for that*

Angel this poem is beautiful - I know there will always be Angels All Around you ... I know you have a very special Angel who will always be with you.

(((hugs back)))

hi loanna.. this is so beautiful. many Hugs* ^_^

thanxs shine..

i know

Very Good Angel. Angels and fairy tales are sometimes the only relief some kids can get.

yeah..but angels are always there.thank u lucifer*

It's sad; how true this poem is. That there are children who must face a harsh and painful reality and whose only means of escape is in their fantasies and dreams. I hope that there are angels who watch over them. Beautiful work AAA. I hope you will write again soon.

thank u..