I've been trying to redo this and I think it's alright

suicide and misery
walk hand in hand
as daylight fades..

scattered dreams
with shattered hope
but they don't care
for they got a past
unlike anyone else

they were poor
and ready to live
fighting doubt
rowning fears
having a blast
running thru life

the depression came
when they were apart
they held on for the other
they knew worse
so they waited till
they could meet again
even if it took a lifetime
they searched high and low
for the other piece of life

misery saw him first
then she called to suicide
they met once again
as they knew they would
despite all the pain
they wouldn't stop searching
cuz it wasn't worth dying
and it wasn't worth living

it's intoxicatingly compelling to write some beautiful dark poetry like this
kieth1994 kieth1994
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Wow depressing. But so well-written.

misery and suicide are my muses

Very nice!

thx, idk where I get it from

I used to write a lot, I've been blocked for awhile now though :-/

same, mostly because I'm tired of my current muse

Ha! I think my muse up and died on me! That *****! ;-)

mine wants me dead

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