My Broken Past

You think i got it all? You think everythings all right?

Well theres just one little secret, that i tried so hard to hide.

You think everythings great? And i got everything going?

How could that be when my heart is all broken?

The tears in my eyes that you guys never see,

Always fall down, when no ones near me,

The feeling of rejection, that falls down like rain,

Is hidden by my many masks revealing none of my pain

That woman who left me all alone in the night

Does she think she did every thing she thought was right?

Does she know that shes constantly in my head?

Does she even remember? Or did she forget?

That she gave up her child her own baby girl

And left her at an orphange without saying one word

And walked away right out of sight

Not giving one hint on where shell be in life

Only leaving one single 6 letterd word

My mexican name given to me by her

That name which i reject and never go by

Locking my heart up so its harder to cry

Trying to forget the past and start looking ahead

But the name Alicia still rings in my head..


By: Me....... Alice

loveanddie loveanddie
Mar 1, 2009