This is not a poem, but a question.

I can't help but notice that lots of poems here are kind of dark and full of angst... For those of you who write that way, what is it about those emotions that inspires you?
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Reflections of one's inner self

Emotional extremes. A way to express at least for me without self harm. and just to know im not alone. happy sunshine and rainbow sites are all over the internet. ppl who dig deep can be found here. unfortunately some have come and gone. but there are many ppl here who actually think before posting and dont shoot from the hip as it were with unbridled babble, echoing what they see on TV.

Life in general. I think most people are the most creative when a strong emotion is overwhelming them. Usually that emotion isn't really happiness as when most people are happy is with others, so they don't really have the time to get creative.

The cynicism of life, love and circumstance.