I was feeling lost and helpless
My soul had given up the fight
When dreams clashed with reality
On that strange, surreal night

I was deep inside the forest
In an ancient, sacred place
Large silver drops of mercury
Were streaming over my face

The planet with the seven rings
Was of a deep magenta hue
Rotating at the speed of light
When it came within my view

A million shards of burning gold
Had showered from its crust
They settled on my naked flesh
And then turned to specks of dust

Vapour trails criss-crossed the moon
As a meteor storm swept by
A journey of no consequence
For those vagabonds in the sky

The angel hovered up above
Looking deep into my eyes
I heard her sweet voice calling
‘Come to me, my love. Arise’

My aching soul rose up to hers
Where together they would bind
For she was the Daughter of God
And I was the Son of Mankind
SelangorNight SelangorNight
66-70, M
Aug 19, 2014