Rain Kiss

The first drops of summer rain tease,
peppering my skin with their chill.
I feel an alien hotness inside,
your hand on my hip, lips on my neck.
The first sly kisses of rain grow in intensity,
like you with your animal growls and restless
bedroom eyes.
You cling while rain pours, each spark
of restless pleasure like brittle lightnight
across the blackened, surly skies.
It trickles over my cheeks,
between the valley of my breasts
while you groan and mumble something
that sounds like a prayer. I look down,
blinking and blushing in hot shame.
You tenderly feather your lips
across my jawline, nibble my ear,
and we kiss sweetly, passionately,
locked in an embrace too mature
for such hormonal kids. You taste
like the pure rain water that
gives your eyes that intense smoulder,
and the lingering sweetness stings
like the aftertaste of fresh tears,
but whose?
TheBareFootedTruth TheBareFootedTruth
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014