My Life - A Crumpled Up Piece Of Paper

I am that guy who's there
When things go down, down, down
When they've been down that long,
You just can't bear
To see this life go on.

My mind, my heart, my soul -
Giv'n at moment's notice;
To find the road you thought you'd lost.

That road makes people happy -
The good, the bad and the worse.
For the long haul it's truth and faith and trust
- But for me it just comes to dust.

From a few I got glowing feedback -
Their troubles were less, or gone.
From most, no word -
But I felt like a bird
Flying over them, watching with glee.

But now what of my own life? My real significant other?

To her I gave that very same gift,
But the empathy is gone.
It cost me too much
For my own life was down -
Nobody to show me that road.

So with empathy gone am I even a prayer?
Or just an abrasive fool?
Have I become a Simple?
With not much left at all.

Those events far gone for others,
Made it to the B1N.
But mine remain here,
Shouting loud and clear
- The crumpling has begun.

Comments please, comments please. :) That's me right now, now now now. The guy without a prayer. Anything you say could help.
cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
Aug 20, 2014