Something I Wrote and Read to My Lady and the Part Where It Says Call Her Out In the Room, I Did and the Crowd Played Into It Perfectly

love, love
I knew it when I first seen you love
can't sleep so I watch you sleep love
tell all my friends Im in love
even tell my moms I'm in love
it's true love
true, truth, and I trust you love
babybird I'm blue when your not hear love
miles and miles and miles of sand and I can see your face in every grain love
every word I say love
when I talk about love, love
every song I sing love
every poem I write love
my boo to my wife love
I do love
so, so, look at this
call you out in a room love
so everyone can see you love
and I didnt mean to embarass you love
but I gotta let em know who you are love
cause it's everything I am love 

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Mar 2, 2009