Awake all night, oh master of fright, this thing called sleep is becoming a disease ridden blight, the crops of discord are being sown, people's true faces being shown at long last. No time to think of the past, we have to act fast, lest we become lost amidst the chaos and lies for which many an innocent man dies. Our fields are burning, the tables are turning, the foolish people are finally learning, What once was peace now is war, They have come to settle the score, finally deciding to take this matter nevermore. Rise, Collide! Make up your mind and decide! The end draws near and there is no way out, enemies fleeing with many a scream and a shout as they retreat away, fools again, they will see combat another day, to us this information our scout does relay. We will meet you next time you decide to "Play".
Zapxbolt Zapxbolt
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2014