Truth often goes unheard, at times spoken not a word, fools that can not bear it will give you the bird, it's a shame they do not care, but ignoring it will lead to despair, for if ignorance can be bliss there is no purer example than this. People don't want to admit things: their fears, their tears, the pain they have endured over the years, but when they share it means they care, which is why a rude response would be simply to stare.

(Being serious here)
Just remember in your moments of complete despair, that there are others there and once you have lost it all, it can only get better, for you have nothing to lose, I have been there before, and I know despair is meaningless. The world can crash and burn for all you care, sure. But if you do not learn, do not change, nothing will get better and that is my point to a letter. Some things are beyond our control, so being upset over them solves nothing, for in truth who do we have to blame? If it was a situation outside of our control, there truly was nothing we could do! Therefore there is no need to beat yourself up over it.
If you need a friend in your times of need, fear not to ask.
Zapxbolt Zapxbolt
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2014