My love is not silent

it is the coo of the morning dove at dawn
with tender breath trilled over soft morning lips.
The downy wait of a lover's response in the creamsicle breeze
left lonely and echoed. I am not the coldness of the universe.
The dark poverty of the vacuum in your songs has dried my wells.
Love is a lyric from nature. I hear it in the sounds of the trees
swaying in the sunlight. I can feel it in the rhythm of the waterfall's
tin resonance in her granite alcoves. Here where I sit, I can feel love
in the perfection of the sweet song of this honeysuckle night
and the tender whisper of the crickets in the cool air.
Don't be quiet, my heart...your growl and murmur lights my soul
aflame. I am in smolder as the sun sets tonight...warm yourself in my fire.
Come morning, as my arms awaken around you let your voice return.
Whisper, in my awakened newness, a story...take my hand...
take me for a walk in your thoughts...
take my heart.
it's yours.
GypsyHeartedPoet GypsyHeartedPoet
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Lovely. If you strolled through my mind you might be shocked.

I doubt it.. ((giggles)) I've seen **** lol

Ha ha, my heads full of it. Lol