The Pancake Tree
A youngling once perched, right on my knee
She pled, Paw-paw tell of the pancake tree

Sit still my pet, don't be a twister
I'll tell the tale once you call for your sister

Now with my lap full of granddaughter
I'll start the tale that was told me by otter

Long ago, when the world was new
The Great Spirit provided things good for you

There were lemonade springs outside each teepee
Each tribe was gifted with a pancake tree

With pancakes to start each day just right
The people were happy and rarely did fight

But people are people and not all are good
Some wanted pancakes much more than they should

Some people would argue and then shove and push
So the Great Spirit provided a small waffle bush

Now, for a while, the people were gay
With waffles or pancakes to begin each day

But people are people, they raised an uproar
They screamed for Great Spirit to just give them more

Great Spirit was saddened, then angry he grew
He took back his gifts, but for a chosen few

Are pancake trees real, my granddaughter grinned?
They are for the few who can speak to the wind

Does Maw-maw speak to them, does she know how?
Maw-maw is busy milking our syrup cow.
TexasGrandpa TexasGrandpa
56-60, M
Aug 21, 2014