Timmy the troll had a problem
He just was not very mean
He liked to wear fancy colors
And he always kept his clothes clean

At troll school he fell way behind
When they wanted to practice attacks
For Timmy's growl was not fierce
And he'd rather be handing out snacks

Demerits for having small nose warts
Demerits for teeth way too white
Detention for not being scary
And for not being inclined to bite

Now it was not for a lack of trying
Timmy would huff and puff with the best
Then his roar would turn to a giggle
And soon he was failing the test

He applied for a job in a story
A nice little bridge with a breeze
Lots of goats in the meadow for scaring
Who knew goat's hair would make him sneeze?

So he wandered along so unhappy
In search of his place in the land
Was he doomed to ever be an outcast?
Was he never to know joy firsthand?

Then one day he passed by a small park
With a bridge spanning over a stream
It was unclaimed so Timmy just moved in
He hoped it was not a pipe-dream

The next day the park filled with children
Running and laughing in play
Timmy jumped out and growled as they passed
They screamed but did not run away

At this Timmy was shocked into laughter
And he grinned his best grin at the kids
They smiled back and then they blew kisses
Tears leaked from beneath his eyelids

Now the moral is not really hidden
You don't need money to be rich
Just keep looking until you are happy
Like Timmy, you'll find your own niche
TexasGrandpa TexasGrandpa
56-60, M
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My favorite read of the day. Thank you.

Many thanks.