Lost is the garden of Eden
Hardly a Palace of Paradise
Lost is the graveyard of demon
Hardly a hole where miseries arise
A drudgery of a perfect Purgatory
--Rarely living,merely existing
Cursed for a tedious story
Fairy tales become ancestral heirlooms
For Guilded thrones bleak and ruined by desolation
I Roam in emptiness and the silence of desperation
As time forgets, I grow old and memories disconnects
Slow erosions of a youthful dream
Or was it ever reality
I Struggle with the fatal detachment
That Malaises my loneliness
Praying for fleeting miracles
Pendants of superstitious oracles
I have three faces to know
Fool am I in thinking I am intelligent
Intelligent still for knowing my limit
No bliss and no ire
Finds the hidden summit
For the Kingdom is hidden within
The pinnacle of the triangle
Highest of the inferior other two
anomalia27 anomalia27
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

This is brilliant, you have a very skilled way with words :)