who wants to share poems and read some ;)
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I search, in vast seas
the way of what is me
who i am, who i'm willing to be,
cause suddenly, i see
the great fall of humanity.
In the world their are few
who share the belief that i do,
the thought that us--me and you
were all meant to purposely do--
the divine thinking of what we view.
So i say, falling today
in the grip-- of eternal decay
oh how can i possibly say.
That we are the future of this life,
the time is now to end the strife--
harness your pain like a knife
and hold it in your soul-
get ready for the cold,
long, taunting winter before us.
Sheath weakness embrace the lust
for justice--righteous and divine
And dont give up till the end of time

SO why dont u share some of urs WITH US :)

I DO TOO . it kind ov feels nice to give your toughts a voice !