If only life were simple,
and dreams always came true,
if money were no object
there'd be so much to do...

If only time could stand still
when all was going great,
if only we were masters
of both our lives and fate.

If only everyone could smile,
at everyone they met.
If only we could wake each day
with nothing to regret.

If only it were easy
to always speak your mind.
Would life be much better,
is that what we'd find?

If only I had taken time,
to do so many things..
spending time enjoying life
and everything it brings...

If only I had stopped to think
upon a time or two..
I might have changed a moment
if I'd only thought it through.
Bri50 Bri50
51-55, M
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

I hope you realize...your still alive..its never to late