I hide in a locked room with Katie and listen to her

She is screaming to be let in and banging on the door

She has already destroyed half the stuff in the house

The coffee table is turned over, as well as the kitchen table chairs

Toys are lying broken all over the floor

And she's beaten the crap out of Mommy and Daddy

They have bruises all up and down their arms

But they still try to keep her from coming in

Trying to protect me and Katie

The police are called

You watch from the window as they take her away in restraints

You see tears falling down her face

You are crying too

You want your big sister back

The one that played dolls with you

And read you stories each night

And slept with you each night to comfort you because you were afraid of the dark

But you know she is never coming back
It hurts you that you know this

But there is nothing you can do

But sit and watch them take your sister away

Without even getting to say goodbye

sweetie1989 sweetie1989
Mar 3, 2009