I, the Silent Screamer

A million words an endless buzz of words that clutter and crash against my skull and still they do not flow.

A thousand diffrent meanings and phrases that simply never bubble to the surface, but crash and burn around me like ambers off a fresh fire.

I try to extinguish them, try to swat and starve them of air, but as fast as I am I am never quick enough to wipe the damage away.

A soot stain of pain, burned lightly until the skin grows over it again.

Whoever saif words dont hurt lied, but worse still are the words that you speak to yourself.

I know I am not alone, but this information does little to soothe,

A snake oil balm against a gash thats been opened far to many times.

I want to sit and weep, but my heart wont allow it.

You brought this on yourself.

Another ember to the skin

Stop being so sensative.

A battle I cannot win.

All of this twisting around my head, a hive of bees stingers at the ready to aim, and pull out something in me.

Pull out what I havent the faintest idea.

I sit and stare endlessly at the world, the happy faces, the sweet embraces all seem to close but so far away.

I know no man is an island, but that does not make the world seem less lonely.

To feel this disconection, the anger and loss is something I should grow to understand and as well accept.

I try, but it is in my nature to fail.

I watch with silent voice, eyes no longer lit but dead and plastic.

It seems so far away, this hope that maybe I will know this warmth I see.

My heart a cracked hollow shell, groaning as times passage makes it a shell of its former self.

My mind a parasite of its once vibrant self.

I feel this scream in my lungs wanting to burst, but slowly desolve.

A constant see saw of a game I suppose, a painful expanding followed by a swift deflate.

The rise and fall of my chest until one day, it will fall....and never rise again.
isodole isodole
22-25, F
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Damn, what a great piece!