I need a new muse. My depressing poems all sound sort of the same now.... Should i stop or find a new muse??? Serious question because it will affect my state of mind....... Please help???
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suicide is my muse

Thats what most of my poems are about... The very beginning stages of suicide and severe depression. Now its still constantly changing but the poems all sound similar in concept. I want to fall in love again and attempt to not repeat the process of suicide and stuff... But i think its just wishful thinking. Hopefully i'll be able to change my muse soon....

Turn those poems which express depression, into something positive. The theme of depression may still be within the poems but how about a poem which ends more positively an battling through depression to overcome it

... Idk my mind process is a bit odd. I will make a happy type of ending but most times its depressing..

probably smart to take a break.. I ran into the same problem and had to stop writing for a while because it just got worse. If you need something creative to do, try to pick up something new, even if you are bad at it!

Read your own poems over again, you may found the original idea that used to inspire you.
I personally recommend to read other poems with ideas that are opposite to yours