Will you miss me in my final breath when it all ends?
As the light falters from my eyes and darkness descends
Will you say a prayer for me or even shed a tear?
Wishing for just one more day that we could have right here
Will you doubt reality? Pretending it's a dream
Believing in false memories that aren't what they seem
Will you find yourself regretting all the times we fought?
Connecting every argument to my resort
Will you ever move on, in lieu of just one more smile?
Or will you never let go, whilst searching all the while?
Will you understand my pain and choices that I've made?
Is it too much to ask for forgiveness as I fade?
Will you know how sorry I am that it came to this?
When the only freedom left was that of my abyss
As my time runs out please remember that I love you
Will you, when all is said and done, truly love me too?
baconrind baconrind
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

words are your thing, and you do well with them