Past the Sky...

I started writing poetry when I was about 11 years old. When I go back and read my writings from back then, I cringe; I wasn't very good.

Since then I've grown and I have more experiences to pull from to put into words. I use my heartache and my sadness, along with nearly-indescribable joy.

I think my most favorite of all the things I wrote is "Past the Sky." I was at work one day when I read the quote "Of course I have a boyfriend... I just haven't found him yet!" Then all at once this poem came into my head and I had that feeling that I knew the man I wrote about, but I just don't know where he is. :) Here is that poem:

Past the Sky

I saw you today,
Though you didn’t know it;
Though we don’t know each other; yet.

You were sitting under a tree
Gazing past the sky,
And I wished to go there with you.

Because whatever it was you saw,
It made you smile;
It brought joy to your face.

Then I realized,
I know what you saw…
You saw me.

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Mar 4, 2009