I feel everything

Energy runs through me

Being around others is overwhelming

Everything is overwhelming

I talk with my Family and they try to comfort me

But I cannot be comforted

I am confused

I am frustrated

Who am I?

What am I?

My purpose is forgotten

Am I here to protect or destroy?

What is delusion and what is truth?

I know what is delusion, the world of mankind

But no one else does

In that knowledge I am alone

Lucid in a world of dreamers

Just like in my own dreams

Punished for not taking them seriously or trying to convince others of the truth

I'm forced to play along

I am not alone

Because my Family is with me

But amongst my siblings I feel alone

Why won't you all wake up

"It wouldn't be good," they say

For the growth process here

Then why did I have to wake up

Why couldn't I have lived the day to day

Blissfully focused and concentrated

Due to beliefs this is all there is?

Why was I made aware? Why is it that when I reached out I could hear them clearly where others must struggle?

What separates me?


My parents say when I was born I was serious

With a look that said "Why am I here? Who decided this? I want to go back."

So now I ask again in adulthood "Why am I here? Who decided this? I want to go back."

But I can't because I know I am here for something important

Direly important

But I can't remember what it is for a second

And that is the story of my torment
Hush92 Hush92
22-25, F
Aug 23, 2014