her heart was torn to pieces

when her body was destroyed

her mind was turned to madnes

when she couldnt  trust the boys

all of her surronding kept her impriosend

and through lies she was slowly poisned

her beauty turned hagerd and her heart to stone

her innocence was blackend

and she decided to stay alone

now blackness consumes

what should have been light

because no one believed

what happend in the night

no one heard her screaming

no one felt her pain

no one saw the act

of her childhood being slain

when she would scream into the night

vivid nightmares haunt the brain

so she relives the nightmare agian and agian

there was no evidence

there was no proof

except in the eyes of a child

who has nohing left to loose


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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Nice poem

Continuation of the storyNONE,And when her spirt drifed into the blue skys above,<br />
The Great Spirt,placed on her a crown of pure love,<br />
She is now the Angel of light,more beautiful then ever befor,her love is spread through out this land,<br />
The Great Spirt has left her in command.<br />
She now rules over all,her blackened life,is now pure white,you see she now has a new life.