The Battle


I just wrote this in my blog, and thought I'd share it in this group.  It's called, "the battle"


I'm running through the dark

To try and get away

Running ever faster,

Fleeing from the fray


But the battle follows close

and gunfire fills the air.

Soldiers are struck down.

Its more than I can bear.


I feel every death

every wound, every pain.

The more soldiers die

the more I go insane.


Its no normal battleground

That witnesses this war

As it becomes destroyed in battle

I die a little more


The battle is not over land

or even fought at sea

The battle isn't even real

The battle is within me


The battle is always there

no matter how far I run

I can't escape myself

as the battle wages on


For every time I fail

My soldiers take a hit

and my heart is damaged

and I lose a little bit


When I lost my friend

I lost an entire legion

and as my doubt sets in

they gain another region


I wish that I could stop it

If only I were stronger

I could end this battle

and persist a little longer


SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
22-25, F
Mar 5, 2009