Turn to Me

When the Love is Everlasting..
And The Moments Are Like Effervescent
waiting to Explode...

Where do you turn??...
The Nights Are cold
the Moments are weak..

Needing To Be In Exstance with Peace...

But Hell crumbled beneath your Feet..
Where Do you turn??

Concrete Is what Catches your break..

Tonight the World Is Under Attack..
From The wrong way out..

The Love is Felt but the
Ground never Solid enough
To Be the Evident Of Love Alive..

Heading for a Moments Rest..
Caught in the twister
of the final breath..

Feeling weak By the Worlds Betrayal..
Holding your head In
the Ground of Deceit..

Needing to be set Free...
Hell at your Feet..
Where do you turn..

Screaming in terror for you have been let down..

Asking God why this could
happen to those who died
To Set another Free..

Where do you Turn? Who do you Turn To?

The night is Cold the Love is Dead the peace Is Gone...

Forever Lost To Deceit..

Why could the Right be so wrong..
How can the Just be so Unjust..

Questions Of Betrayal and Deceit..

Where Do you stand?
Who stands with you? Question of Doubt....

Moment of Truth.. Where Do you Turn??
Who stand with you??

Never stand alone I am your sholder to cry on..

I am your Light in the Dark...

Ask where do you turn... Turn to me..

When the earth shattered at your feet..
I wanted to be the one to hold your head hight....
letting the world know I have a solider....

You turned to me..
In the dark I am your Light..
during the storm secure your
head to protect from the raging wind..

All I ask is for you to turn to me..

My Faithful Heart...
you Shattered soul...

Where do you turn??
who do you turn to??

I want to be the one turn to me.....

Burning skies..
Shattered soul....
Dreams of What Makes You whole..

Cry to the night..
to make it right..
But your Dreams Are never Whole..

Things May seem to take
 a tole..Always wishing
for things to be whole..

Solitude and silence in your eyes..
Hope to be with someone to make
you whole..

In this World of wonder... take my
hand I am your Soul Provider...

I will give you the strength
to make thos broken Dreams
Once again whole...

To the Night I will Provide
the Peace calm... For your
Dreams to carry on...

In the storm Take my Hand..
I will sheild your pain with my
Love of the Purest Winds...

I will drift your soul
With the Oceans Nearest Tide...
And Together we soar..
So Take a Breath I am
By your Side In the Dark I will be your Light..
Forever More...

matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

Waves here...I was riding on a wave of words; some distressed, some valiant, some luxurious. <br />
<br />
It was soothing, and hopeful even though there were violent images...of turmoil. Beautiful job, AP.