Seeing past the silver gaze of a certain gale, the wind recognizes truth in it's entirety. Waiting and listening to the hum you realize what you thought was a tsunami wasn't quite a wave that leads into the underground of a particular stronghold. Such an apple, an arc sought after is left behind for the many to gaze at it in such a false behavior you then come to a conclusion that it was never there to begin with. What's in a name? Maybe something you want to over write as if a memory card, throw the controller against the wall and you're unable to play the console. That wasn't the point though, you could always get another, would it really matter if the thing you sought was just a wonder? Pause and gaze at a dying flame you seek the cold to shrivel up against the icy outbreak of a wall, yet flames and sand meet you at first gaze, a blackened figure standing in the middle on such a vast tundra you wonder if you've ever had any start to begin with. Anguish masks the face, of white cloth shields from sand. The real face is of a tiredness, a sorrowfulness. A hidden strength. You walk across this tundra not hoping for an end, but for peace.
KaiViolet KaiViolet
22-25, M
Aug 26, 2014