The Stars that pierce the night with brilliance of a thousand suns

The lighting that slices through
The inky darkness

The thunder that shatters a veil of silence

The rain that reverberates off the infinite world below

The moonlight that reflect from iridescent pools of silver murky liquid

The soft hypnotic murmurs of the nightly creatures

The haunting wind that bellows out a low melodic song

The electric violet eyes the perforate my soul, freezing it

The soft delicate lips that breathe warmth to my ice covered flesh

The hands that trace seamless patterns over my thin shaking arms

The strong, secure arms that surround me, trapping me within a safe haven

The wish I make to the heavens that this moment is not a delusion

The delusions that sweep into a torrent of madness, that engulf me

The soft plink of silver tears that stream endlessly from lifeless, dull eyes

The electric pulse that leaves me breathless and sends to my knees

The quiet sobs that leave my shaking frame, seem like screams within the veil of silence

My mind is breaking
My heart is tearing
My eyes are burning
My body is growing tired
And my world has gone black

The eyes and lips that smiled,
The hands and arms that loved,
Have never existed

The stars and lightning that once burned bright have faded

The thunder and rain that sent vibrations throughout the skies and ground have ceased

The silver light of the moon that shined on everything is now black

The wind and nightly creatures that sang sweet lullabies now echo a song of silence

My world is frozen in place

I am left with nothing but a heavy fog of misery that soaks into my flesh

And stains my bones in black
rottenroses rottenroses
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2014