Butterflies sing lovely songs not heard by human ears.
And bumblebees are in a rush, they have no time for tears.
Down by the brook a meadowlark strikes up a happy tune.
The sun is low a ere long will make way for the moon.

The deer are in the meadow, a family with two fawns.
The squirrels are barking from the trees, "You're eating up our lawns."
The wise old owl is in his hole just sleeping out the day.
The hawk is soaring high above and watching those at play.

The red fox brings her children, but keeps a wary eye.
She tells her kits time and again, there's danger in the sky.
A turtle moving slowly is headed for the creek.
'The groundhog sticks his head out, just to take a peek.

And as the sun sinks to the trees the wise old owl awakes.
He blinks his eyes and stares around and yells, "For goodness sakes!"
He cries, "I've slept the day away, now I'll be up all night!"
All creature laugh at his outburst and everything's all right.
TexasGrandpa TexasGrandpa
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 28, 2014

that's the most delightful poem on such a subject that ive ever read! its really sweet. Love it!

Why thank you very much, m'lady.