I saw a fairy by the wall
I ran with joyous cry
But when I reached the magic spot
It was a yellow butterfly

I saw a pixie by the creek
I slipped right down the road
I sprang out with a shout "AHA!"
I surprised a big brown toad

I spied a gnome among the flowers
I looked the other way
When I turned with my camera
The squirrel just ran away

I spotted an imp on my windowsill
As the wind blew in to me
I grabbed my net and hurried
But the hummingbird darted free

Dragonflies are fairies
And bumble bees are sprites
If we'd just open up our eyes
We'd see such wonderous sights

Little children see them
So why are my eyes cursed?
I don't mind getting older
But growing up's the worst
TexasGrandpa TexasGrandpa
56-60, M
Aug 28, 2014