In every human's garden
Among the flowers hearty
An unseen fairy circle
Is home to magic parties

Where Unicorns dance in moonlight
While Pixies play on lutes
The Fairy Queen sits on her throne
Fashioned from flower roots

Nymphs in next to nothing
But flowers in their hair
Dance into the circle
Then spin while others stare

Dryads peek from nearby trees
They blush and softly giggle
They long to join in the dance
But they just shyly wiggle

Next the Dwarvish men move in
They dance the clog a while
Spectators see the rarest thing
They see a Dwarf man smile

A ballet troup takes center stage
Lithe Elves and darling Sprites
Gracefully they dance on air
En pointe into the night

The Fairy Queen calls for a song
The Royal Quartet take their place
A Harpy, an Imp, and a Leprechan
With an Ogre singing bass

The Gnomes and Goblins stomp and yell
They clap their hands and cheer
The Genies brought refreshments
The Trolls come for the beer

And when the stars are fading
And the eastern sky's aglow
Magic cleans the mess away
So we humans never know
TexasGrandpa TexasGrandpa
56-60, M
Aug 28, 2014